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Lately I noticed that, for some reason, I mostly take pictures when I do my haircut. Anyway, I'm not in a talking mood that much so I'll just leave you with photos and a short comment. This time I really liked the color, but as you know I can't decide what to do with my hair every time I come to the hairdresser. So... I was thinking about ginger or red-ish next time, but I'm really scare that I won't be able to get rid of it later. 

Now I'm giving up on this, 'cause I'm really bad at this in the moment. See you next time. xx

As summer is comming to an end I'm trying to keep up with my exams and all the photos I took during holidays. Honestly I love summer and I envy people living by the sea 'cause I found them lucky - wish I could shoot by the sea all year! 

Sepmtember came and I'm not ready for it yet. It's always rush month - new school year, exams, end of summer, last sunny days, short trips, a lot of events and so on. But I acctually love it 'cause it's not too hot nor cold, Zagreb is beautiful and full of good events. But on the other hand I start being nostalgic about summer, sea and sun. So here's a post to honor summer days. And yes, I have other swimsuits (6 more tbh) but this year was marked by this striped one (direct link) from Zaful!

Hope your having a nice day - just enjoy your life! xx

Swimsuit: Zaful
Shorts: Zara
Shirt: Pull&Bear
Hat: Zara

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