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It's been almost 3 weeks since I've visited Belgrade but the impression is still strong. The five of us went to Belgrad with PARTY TRAIN and that was the best decision we made this year so far. It was really amazing and unique experience & would totally did it again. We're already planning on going to Novi Sad as soon as possible, but there's also party train to Budva & Belgrade in July (sadly I can't go). 

Although it was really amazing next time it will be even better 'cause you learn what you shoul & should not do on this journey. We had 3 crazy days almost sleepless, drinking, dancing, eating and discovering the city. I loooved Belgrade and I want to go back as soon as possible. The city is great - architecture, food, people, night life... everything! The only problem is time, we had only like 2 days and that's not enough to see everything you should see in such city. 

All in all - if you have a chance you should deffinitelly visit Belgrade and enjoy it as much as you can! For most of you it shoul be really affordable so that won't be a problem.