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Millybridal Prom Dresses

 Hey guys! So sorry for not posting for a while, but I had to take a pause 'cause of my college but here I am again. It's a new year and I'm planning a lot of new stuffs about blog so stay tuned!

Since lately my free time consists of searching the internet for absolutely everything I came across this really great site called Millybridal UK and found so amazing dresses I almost wish going to a wedding just so I could wear some of these dresses. If you like these in the beginning of my post you should continue reading this post and find even more.

This time I've picked just some of my favourite UK Bridesmaid Dresses, but they are so beautiful that you can wear it in so many occasions. So, let's begin!

I really love this color 'cause it's so romanitc and the whole dress is like from a fairy-tale. These sequins on the dress add an extra luxurious effect. 

Now something for you lucky ones that are really tall - amazing light blue dress with frills and slightly opened back. This dress will make you stunning!

Whoever says that doesn't love Eva's style is lying! She is such and inspiration and a fashion icon, so if you want this dress she's wearing and looking so simple but yet so elegant and beautiful you know where to find it!

In the end, I've picked something that is lately really popular and that is tulle dress. Tulle is something that will give you a 'princess' look, make you feel like a little girl and who could say no to that? This dress is really something, isn't it?

Hope you liked this wishlist and that I inspired you to buy something really beautiful.
Love, I. :*