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Top 5 in January

Hello my dear readers!
This time something new on blog - top 5 products in January. I was just playing with my camera & macro option and it turned out really nice so here it is.
You can see something that I've used previous month but some of these pieces are my ultimate favourites (like Chanel Mademoiselle - i think the only thing that I need to have any time!). Also this Bourjois blush is something that will probably become a must-have for me. I'm surprised how amazing it is! I was just looking for some natural-lookin blus in brown color and discovered this! You can also see Mac Diva lipstick that I had like 50% of January on my lips. It was amazing to go with my blanket-scarfs while it was freezing. And some other things that I don't use that much last weeks like this amazing Lush gelatin shampoo and essie nail polish that I wore on NYE.

Hope your having a nice day. Love, Iva. :*


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