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Oasap wishlist

Hey guys, it's time for one wishlist! I have not made it in years so here we go.

This time it's something from Oasap site, many of these pieces will probably be in my closet soon. This site offers great clothes by affordable prices. If you just go through the site I promise you will find something for yourself whether it's something cozy like jumpers or something elegant like dresses or skirts.

While trying to find something for myself I came across this amazing dress that has so many amazing characteristics. Like this shape - isn't it amazing? Also the colors are perfectly combined! You can find it HERE.

Something I'm really crazy about lately are classic pieces. What I'm trying to do is just to buy as much classic pieces as possible. One thing I will definitelly buy is this simple and chic shirt that you can find HERE.

Like I said before, classics are classics and this simple striped cardigan is one. Also it has these cute patches on sleeves. You can find it HERE.

I fell in love with this skirt - the color and shape are just amazing. Lately I'm more interested in skirts then before because most of them are great for elegant and casual outfits at the same time. This beauty can be find HERE.

And now something cozy for the winter. Something that is a great hit this year are fringes and that's why this cardigan is interesting and perfect piece to combine with some simple things like jeans, jumpers and funny bags. You can find it HERE.

And here we are again - FRINGES! I was looking for a skirt like this one for a long time. I think it will be with me soon. What's even better is the color and material. You can find it HERE.

Christmas is behind us but that doesn't mean we don't need cozy and funny jumpers. This is a perfect choice especially because of these winter colors. If you like it you can find it HERE.

And the last piece I'll show you before I let you explore Oasap site is this simple white dress. I looove that it's lace and a bit boho. This bow also makes it more attractive. Really something everyone should have! You can find this amazing dress HERE


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