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2015 review

I've already said everything in my previous post so this will be really short. While I was choosing photos for this post I've realised that I almost forgot about some outfits! This year was full of some new clothes in my wardrobe and different styles on my blog. From something girly and romantic to some more 'serious' outfits. Of course there are mostly casual outfits 'cause that's something I love the most and also I wear it most of the time. It's hard to shoot something for wedding, prom or birthday 'cause on those events I usually don't think about shooting. And then the day after I regret it and wish I had few photos when I'm all dressed up. 

In new year I'll do my best to post as much as I can and also to add some new contet on my blog. I know I'm not the quickest person in the world but you know I eventually post everything! 

Once again, happy new year guys! :*


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