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Cocomelody wedding dresses

Hello my dear readers! I want to talk about wedding dresses on Cocomelody site this time 'cause I think every girl dreams about perfect wedding dress. Cocomelody offers so many amazing pieces that you can choose from - you can search by year, style or destination of your wedding. This helps you find your dream dress easily. Down below I've picked some items that I thought you might like - be sure to check more on their site! Also you have free shipping by 30th November so purchase now or cry later!

First category I was looking was beach wedding dresses 'cause in Croatia you won't see many beach wedding and I persoanlly find them really romantic. Same as the location your dress needs to be romantic and amazing - something sleeveless or lace is a perfect pick!

Something you should definitely check out is also their 2016 wedding dresses because here you can find new models, something that will stand out! Also there's a sale on some pieces from new collection which is amazing for your budget! Dresses that I found interesting were fluttering ones and these with flowers.

If you find your perfect dress on Cocomelody site it's a perfect time to purchase 'cause they offer sale right now. As the picture above says - 20$ off if you spend 200$, 40$ off if you spend 300$ and amazingly 60$ off if you spend 400$ so be sure not to miss this offer!


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