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NYFW review

Hey guys!

So here's one absolutely different post! I made this review through some shows on NYFW I loved and few street style photos (notice Kristina Bazan twice, she's absolutely amazing!). 

Although I'm really busy lately (and will be for few more months haha) I use my Bloglovin' app on my iPhone to keep up with my favorite bloggers and that's the way I followed these fashion weeks. 

Let's get started...

Boss Fall 2015
I loved this collection so much! I find trends that are coming on market lately weird sometimes and hard to wear outside runaway. So I'm really happy to see collections that can be worn in real life.
My favorite piece is this bustier dress!

Desigual Fall 2015
I have divided mind on this Desigual collection - I fell in love with these floral printed pieces! The rest of the collection is also really nice. :) 

DKNY Fall 2015
I think the best things in this season DKNY collection are these female suits that are really strong and classy.

Michael Kors Fall 2015
And I think you can already see what was my favorite show! I loved that there were so much fur in this collection also it was sophisticated, elegant and amazing that I can't believe it. It was hard to pick only few photos but you can always search for more. :) This silver dress and fur that Kendall is wearing are definitely my favorites!

Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2015
For Tommy Hilfiger this was special show - 30th birthday! Also stage was set as football playground and I think this was really spectacular to watch. 

Tory Burch Fall 2015
And the last show I picked is Tory Burch, I find this collection really good, classic and, again, amazing because it will be worn outside runaways. My favorite is this printed suite!

Street Style NYFW

Photos taken from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week site and Buro 24/7 

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Love, I.