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Hey guys!

Until I get my photos done I've prepared one post about saving money by shopping online instead in stores. We all know both ways of shopping have their advantages and disadvantages but if we have exactly the same product I think we all want that cheaper version (because, who likes to spend money for nothing?).

Usually you can find pieces from Zara, H&M and Mango online. Good thing is that sometimes they are even cheaper or you can find them even if they are sold out in stores. That way you can buy something from last season you missed at the store. :)

For example these tropic pants I caught in September on sale, but now you can't find them in stores any more so this is good opportunity for all of you who missed them. Also these printed pants were in Zara last season. :)

While we're talking about Zara, I think you all saw this amazing color block scarf in stores this winter. I got it as a gift but you can find it on chicwish (now on sale so the price is a bit less then in Zara, otherwise it was a bit too expensive).

I'm big fan of Mango fashion and usually I think they have great sales so most of pieces you can catch by affordable price. But if you miss anything you can sometimes find it online like this cute dot blouse. This piece I really love and it's on my wishlist. :)

Another thing I really really love are coats&jackets! I could look for them the whole day. Lately I'm looking for some nice faux fur coats. And I found one like in Zara on Choies - amazing camel faux fur coat for every outfit! I think it will be in my wardrobe soon. :D

I figured out that I also need some new blouses, lately I've been obsessed with jumpers and absolutely forgot about shirts that can be easily combined with skirt, shorts, jeans or anything else. So I found two great blouses on Ahaishopping - same one as in Zara. This one is all in black and white stripes and this one in floral print!

And last thing - necklaces! I'm a big fan of those big statement necklaces, but usually I can't buy those in stores 'cause I find it too expensive for piece of fake jewelry, I would rather spend that money on something else. Great thing is that most of those necklaces that you can find in stores can easily be found online too. For this time I took two from Dresslily - this colorful statement necklace and a bit classy necklace with pearls. :)

I hope you liked this post! I thought I could maybe post more things like this - like tips where to find something, Spend or Save posts, outfit inspirations and such. If you would like it just let me know. :)

Until the next time! :*


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