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Sheinside Publish Program 5$

Hello my dear readers, this post is special for all fashion bloggers!
Recently I've introduced you to Sheinside Publish Program for fashion bloggers to earn extra money from promoting Sheinside sales and products. This time Sheinside is offering 5$ credit for registration in this program to attract more bloggers into this. :)

We are all fashion lovers and you all know we need as much money as we can get to buy some pieces that are on our wishlists for long time! Besides some extra money that you'll make to spend on little life pleasures you can get better insight in all Sheinside sales, offers and products. Sometimes you can even win some free samples for promoting! Also you are helping people that visits your blog to explore fashion online even if they're not very good at it. Share fashion in every moment!

As I've already said - in next few days you can also get 5$ extra for sign up from my link - HERE! (:


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