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Hey guys!
Today I have a special post for all fashion bloggers! It's about making some extra money with Sheinside affiliate program through their program of promoting their site. This program is all about sharing sales, deals and products with your readers in order to attract people on this amazing site. In return Sheinside will pay you for every promotion you do well. :)

But, it's not that easy - just post some links and expect money. Your task is to attract as many people as possible on Sheinside so you could get commissions. Every promotion can get you 15$ and sometimes there's extra giveaways for 5-10$ to make even more money with this program!
Also you can gain this amount of earned money by getting people to sing in or buying through your links. If you choose to earn money by sing-ups you'll get 0,3$ for every person that signs up on site from your links. And if you choose to make money by attracting people to buy clothes from Sheinside then you'll get 10% of every order that's been made through your links.
I'm in this program for a while and I can tell you that this way of making some extra money is really good for you 'cause it's not too hard and we all love money, don't we? I'm really happy when I get paid for my work and then buy myself something nice.

Also, we all want as much traffic as we can get so share your posts and links on more media - like post updates on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr or some other networks to attract more people and get more money. Also you can put banners on your blog, promote their clothes in your posts and talk about promotions in your other posts so people could click and get informed about Sheinside!

All you who want to join us in promoting this site should sign up HERE! I would really love you guys to join this program and make money on your own. :)

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