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This is my first outfit post so don't be too hard on me. No one (or not many people) will probably read this post or any of my posts but this is for me.
Photos are a little bit dark, but I'll must adapt on this time. Because of my laziness I usually go out to late and the it's already dark. 

As I am new blogger I don't have 2013 review or something, but I find interesting that I started blogging in this time of the year. It's like a new beginning. I hope that it will last for some time and that I won't give up on this. Actually, I'm looking forward to 2014, cheers! 2013 was pretty good year for me, but maybe this one will be even better. Trip to Zagreb is a nice start and there is a lot of things I can't wait in 2014. (like trip to Spain, France and Italy with school).

So I'll just stop writing all that is in my head and post outfit. :)

Coat: Gucci
Shirt: Mango
Pants: H&M
Bag: Pull&Bear
Watch: Furla
Boots: Roberto

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