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Hey guys! So I'm just a teenager and I'm obsessed with fashion. Here is my place to express myself through clothes and fashion! First of all, I am very lazy so don't expect me to post new post every day or two. But I hope there will be as much posts as I could make. I live in Slavonski Brod, Croatia, but not for a long time as I'm going on collage soon. Honestly, I'm sick of this city where there are almost no people with good fashion style. People here just wear something basic and most of them own more or less same clothes (because there's no much stores to go to). I'm trying to do my best to keep up with all new trends! I follow a lot of online shops for new and fashionable clothes and also some stores (mostly in Zagreb) like Zara, Bershka, Stradivarius etc. I really don't want to write too much for the start. I'll try to make some pages where you will be able to follow updates about the blog. Good start is, I suppose, bloglovin. So here it is...

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 There's no much more to say. Please, if you read this post, feel free to post links of your blog in the comment so I could find more fashion and lifestyle bloggers! Until the next time. xx daisy-elegant