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Lately I noticed that, for some reason, I mostly take pictures when I do my haircut. Anyway, I'm not in a talking mood that much so I'll just leave you with photos and a short comment. This time I really liked the color, but as you know I can't decide what to do with my hair every time I come to the hairdresser. So... I was thinking about ginger or red-ish next time, but I'm really scare that I won't be able to get rid of it later. 

Now I'm giving up on this, 'cause I'm really bad at this in the moment. See you next time. xx

As summer is comming to an end I'm trying to keep up with my exams and all the photos I took during holidays. Honestly I love summer and I envy people living by the sea 'cause I found them lucky - wish I could shoot by the sea all year! 

Sepmtember came and I'm not ready for it yet. It's always rush month - new school year, exams, end of summer, last sunny days, short trips, a lot of events and so on. But I acctually love it 'cause it's not too hot nor cold, Zagreb is beautiful and full of good events. But on the other hand I start being nostalgic about summer, sea and sun. So here's a post to honor summer days. And yes, I have other swimsuits (6 more tbh) but this year was marked by this striped one (direct link) from Zaful!

Hope your having a nice day - just enjoy your life! xx

Swimsuit: Zaful
Shorts: Zara
Shirt: Pull&Bear
Hat: Zara

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Although I shoot this outfit weeks ago here I am writing a post about it now. As you can see I'm not letting this open shoulders trend go yet so here's my new blouse from Zaful that I adore! It came even better than I expected and it's really effective combined with so many things (I was wearing it with shorts and flat sandals on my Instagram too). Lately I'm buying black, white and grey so much that I almost forget how much I actually love colors! Red is one of my favourite colors 'cause I find it sexy&classy at the same time, it pops out, make everything interesting and different. So the conclusion is that I sould wear more red. But since autumn is just around the corner maybe you would like to see more green shirts they also offer (it's my favourite color by the way).

In this post you can see me wearing it with simple white jeans and one of my favourite sandals (I wonder if you ever saw them and yet I claim they are so precious to me haha). The whole look is completed with details like this cute chocker and round sunglasses. Hope you like it as much as I do.

Blouse: Zaful
Jeans: Mango
Shoes: Mango
Necklace: H&M
Bag: Accessorize

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INSTAGRAM (@daisyelegant)

This time I wanted to do something different, so here are underwater photos of my new swimsuit. On this amazing site you can find perfect offer if you like strappy bikini top. Now to the point. Since I got this swimsuit I'm completely obsessed with it - I wear it as a swimsuit to the beach and as a "shirt" everywhere else. This time you'll see me wearing it to the pool and next time as a shirt. 

Perfect piece that will absolutely be one of my favourite ones this year I got from Zaful! You can find it on this direct link! It fits me perfectly, I was a bit sceptic about the size but really I feel like it was made for me. Also I looove the colors, they are so bright and stripes make them interesting. I could go on forever about this perfect body, but I'll stop now since you'll see it again on the blog.

In the end I want to tell you it’s Romper season if you want to get yourself a new romper this summer! Use 10% off code:ZFEN01 on their site!

Summer is just around corner and I finally found some time to talk about the site I'm working with lately - Zaful. Before I even start I just want to show you this amazing selection of white cold shoulder dress (I can't resist them, they are absolute must have!) and perfect sexy birthday dress that will make you shine on your big day! Dresses are one of my favourite pieces, but going to classes I usually end up wearing jeans so summer is perfect time to get in your favourite dresses and ejoy sunny weather. 

Since I always point out some of my favourites I'll do the same this time. I absolutely looove this open back velvet dress (yup, still obsessed with open back pieces, always was & will be). 

Aaand also this cute cami striped white dress that has ruffles and off shoulder, perfect for summer nights by the sea!

Now, we're all just waiting to spend our summer on the beach, drinking coctails and swimming. All you need is a perfect swimsuit? I absolutely looove trying different swimsuits - I own them in various colors and shapes but I still don't have a simple white one. Maybe it's time to get this one! It will be perfect when you get a tan - contrast will make it all worth it!

But if you're more interested in something different, not just basic whit swimsuit I recomend you this burgundy one that is really great too!

Or if you're more like a print-person here's something for you - pineapple bikini! Pineapples are sooo cute on clothes and I love them in every way - found them really attractive. Also this top is wrap-shaped so it's really something different!

Something I can not imagine summer without are deffinitely shorts - in so many shapes, styles and colors. My favourite ones are denim ones but all kinds are really great for summer 'cause they can be combined with almost anything. I've picked two this time - simple black with cutoffs that are just classic and this cool white one with embroided flowers (that trend is now so popular you can't find a piece without it) that I really liked so I hope you share my thoughts.

Last but not least thing I want to share with you is this cute beige floral kimono! Kimonos are also extra popular lately, you can find them in various shapes, sizes, prints and colors but this one catched my eye more than others - hope you like it too! 

Thank you for reading this summer wishlist, see you soon! :*